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Conscious water reveals multi-dimensional beings!

Sacredness is all around us. In nature, when we open our senses to it, we can connect on higher levels of potential with it. I am sharing a journey that I took at Opal Creek Wilderness Park near Mill City, Oregon in the summer of 2018.

It had been an unseasonably dry summer and the water levels were very low. This made it easy to explore the luscious green waters at the 3-Pools area. Because it has once been a copper mill, the water is an emerald green color!

I had never seen the rocks and river formations below the normal rushing river water levels. In some areas of water you could walk across the waterway, which normally was much deeper and not possible.

I had a personal relationship with this place, I had visited it many times. I honored and loved it for its beauty and was guided to come there to do some healing work. (In a vision I saw I had been there before in another timeline.)

Above Photo: Opal Creek Park, OR 2018

As we open up to many parts of ourselves that we have been in other lifetimes we become more of our own potential. When I am in nature I do not always know why something is given or created but I do know it is divine and I am honored to share the joy, beauty and wonderment. Today felt like a high energy day and as the sun was begining to peek over the foothills the beautiful water revealed light codes reflected from the sun on its surface!

Above Photo: Close-ups of the Sigils/Symbols of light codes in the water. The first box on top reveals a shining golden-white heart dancing on the water. Light language is a high frequency form that helps us and our beloved Gaia/Mother Earth embody and integrate the higher frequencies into our physical and planetary body.

Above Photo: Nature is showing signs in the water!

You can see how the current of the spiraling water shaped this circle in the rock formation below the water. The blue arrow is pointing to an infinity symbol reflecting from the sun into the water. This is a common sign that nature shows when there is a portal/doorway into higher dimensions. Also the heart rock in the middle was a sign the nature beings were there assisting the journey.

Above Photos: Left photo: Ancient face revealed in water. Right photo: Outline of face drawn to reveal face shape.

I was so mesmerized by the beautiful green water. I did not see the ancient woman's face in the water when I was taking the photograph, but could feel so much love and energy emanating from the water. Can you see her? The outline shows her eyes closed and facial side profile. I know it is difficult for the higher dimensional beings to create their form in our dimension, so sometimes it is very subtle. You can begin to see the water light beings illuminated in the water. They are a lighter green color.

Above Photo: Underwater Light Beings revealed in water!

In the above photograph you can see the light green glowing water beings appear to have wings or some sort of energy field around them. On the left towards the middle/bottom of the photograph; can you see the large water light being in the water? It shows its head and what appears to be wings or also an energy field connected to it. It also has its eye closed and in a profile position. I feel it is a larger version of the water beings and is being given some sort of healing by them. Also in the bottom gap in the rocks some sort of insect being appears.

This validates the multi-dimensional potential within water.

Above Photo: A huge rock being is revealed in water with his eyes open! Follow the white arrow.

The sacredness of any location is held by the land and rocks. This rock being was delighted to connect because most of the time it is hidden in the deeper river waters.It is amazing that it revealed itself with eyes open!

Above Photo: Shallow water revealing the ripples of energy and water from sounding a bell in the water during ceremony.

Later my friend Shay and I did ceremony in the shallow waters. Shay rang her bell in the water and ripples of energy and spiraling water revealed her actions. She could see an energetic brilliant magenta red color coming out of the water. The area had been abused by many visitors and we were told to help bring the area back into balance.

Above Photo: Large Rock Being reveals his happiness for our kindness.

I believe when you discover heart rocks or smiles in nature it is a sign they are loving and connecting with us. I did meditate and laid my back upon this rock. Then, all of a sudden a burst of energy came forth! I felt it was the closest thing to a rock hug, or a hug that ROCKS!

Thank you for pausing in nature with me. I hope this inspires you to love nature deeper and allow it to bring whatever it needs to you in the moment!

Happy Trails,

Love, Laura

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