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Wisdom of portals and solar plasma!

Several days ago I was guided to post some photographs I took on my way into the Redwoods of California in 2015. It was a place called, "Bear Creek Park", CA. This post is all about synchronicity and divine timing. The photographs are of the same tree with different perspectives. I am also posting a link by Magenta Pixie about portals and solar plasma along with this blog post. The reason being—as I was connecting with the photographs on my computer and getting them ready I was also listening to Magenta's post online and she clearly was speaking about the energies that I work with and the photographs give you a visual of her channeled wisdom. The synchronicity was divinely arranged so I could share it with you! (It is advisable to click on her link below and listen while reading this post.)

Here is the post by Magenta Pixie: Plasma Technology and the Infinite Monad (Krystal Stargate Series, Part 2)

Even if you don't understand all that is being said, there are light codes from her post as well as in the tree photographs.

Photo taken in Bear Creek Park, CA by Laura Walthers

As you can see several layers of consciousness showed up in the photograph. In the next photo you will see how it moved, shifted and took different shapes!

The beings in the upper right corner shifted from an aqua blue color to a light pink. This magnificent redwood tree is holding many layers and dimensions of consciousness through its portal gateway.

I asked my friend Oniyah to stand in front of the redwood tree so you could see how massive it really is!

Nature is evolving and many people are getting so many new and exciting levels of consciousness showing up for them. Whether it is with our physical eyes, 3rd eyes or technology it is an important part of the changing reality. It is happening because of the planetary shifts of higher vibrations!

I hope you enjoy the beauty and wisdom of nature. The more you are open, the more it can bring to you.

Happy Trails my friends,

Love, Laura and the Forest Beings of love and light!

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