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Archangel Michael takes form in aura photograph taken by Shay Garrison!

Shay Garrison is a gifted healer and clairvoyant. She lives in the Portland, Oregon area and has been photographing peoples aura’s for over 35 years with her Aura Polaroid Camera. Over 20 years ago she had a booth at a fair in Tuscon, Arizona. A young man around 19 years old with a plain white T-shirt, his mother and sister walked up to her booth. The mother gave Shay the money for an aura photograph to be taken of the young man and then she and the younger girl walked away.

The young man did not give a name, so in this part of the story it will be ‘Tim’, a fictitious name. Tim proceeded to walk into her photo booth and sat down on the chair in front of the camera. Her camera was having mechanical trouble and she was afraid that a photo would not be taken in the moment. When she released the shutter button—it did not activate or flash. Because it was a polaroid camera, she immediately took out the film cartridge and waited a few seconds before examining the polaroid photograph.

To her surprise, as she looked up to let Tim know that she didn’t think it had worked—he was gone! He had not physically gotten up from his chair, for if he had done that, he would have had to pass right by her, but instead he dematerialized right before her eyes! Spirit told her that is what happened.

It was a divine visitation from Archangel Michael! He opened a huge portal of divine creation in this Universe. The photograph is an imprint of sacred quantum energies. In gazing upon the photograph you will become entrained with the energies within. It is a gift to assist the viewer in seeing the mirror of themselves. It is a divine tool of meditation for further expansion of self through vision, love, light, and vibration. It is suggested you take a few minutes and gaze upon the image to allow a deeper connection with the divine energies it contains.

Archangel Michael takes form in Aura Photograph - photo taken by Shay Garrison with Aura Polaroid Camera. copyright -1999

Below is an enlarged 8" x 10" print size of the aura photograph.

Enjoy and allow the energies to soothe you!

Blessings of love and light,

From, Shay, Laura and Archangel Michael!

If interested in scheduling an aura photo party or event please contact Shay Garrison at:


8" x 10" prints are available for $12 (includes shipping). Paypal via email. Send email inquiry for prints only to:

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