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We live in a holographic reality!

Through the years I have taken photographs of many nature beings that exist in nature. One of the things the nature beings have taught me is; that we are all multi-dimensional. We all exist in multiple dimensions at the same time. Nature is not static: it grows, rebirths in cycles, but also exists in multiple realities. Take a tree for example. In the 3rd dimension the tree appears to have a wooden trunk base, branches and leaves. In a higher dimension it has nature beings and faeries living inside or underneath it. It has a tree faun living with it that feeds its life force from God/Source to aid its life span. It is an etheric loop; as above, so below.

In my first photo below, I present a nature being named Pan. He usually shows up for people that are deeply rooted in their connection with nature and his life force is very powerful. He is the wild nature of nature. His energy combined with sacred rhythms of nature creates fertility within the forests. His body is part animal and he has been visually depicted with hoofed legs and horns on each side of his head. Can you see him in the bark of the tree? (See white arrow) Before I took this photograph, I was telepathically called to this tree—not knowing why. After Pan and other beings in the tree appeared I knew I had a purpose for being there. I was told by Pan to assist in bridging the light from higher realms into this one with the partnership of the nature beings.

Above photo: Taken in Minto Brown Park, Salem, OR, by Laura Walthers.

In this photograph Pan's horn is represented by a leaf. If you have difficulty seeing Pan; pause and allow the energies of the tree to connect with you. He emanates a deep love connection to nature and our planet.

Above photo: Taken on Cascade Head above Neskowin, OR, by Laura Walthers.

This is a previous photo where Pan showed up at the base of a tree in a different forest! He appears to be partially morphing out of the tree base. He has a pointed ear and small horn on his head.

Above photo: Taken in Minto Brown Park, Salem, OR, by Laura Walthers. Many faces appeared in the cottonwood tree branch.

This photograph was taken of a fallen branch from a large cottonwood tree. I was very intuitively drawn to its energy. The elemental energies can really be magnetic in the forest if you are open and invite the consciousness to partner with you. Trees hold the history of its environment so you may see some fun and interesting images formed in its trunk and branches.(See white arrows.) Depending on what frequency you are experiencing in the moment of your gaze, the photograph can change and morph!

Above photo: Taken in Minto Brown Park, Salem, OR, by Laura Walthers. An eye was discovered on a fallen cottonwood tree branch.

This was part of a fallen cottonwood tree branch on the ground. I was very delighted to discover the eye looking back at me. Now it is looking at you. Nature is always watching! :-)

Above photo: Taken in Minto Brown Park, Salem, OR, by Laura Walthers. Tall cottonwood timbers in the tree grove. They were right next to the fallen branches in the preceding photographs.

I hope you enjoyed the cottonwood grove and all of its beauty and enchantment!

Happy Trails!

Laura, Pan and the Nature Beings.


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