Wisdom of portals and solar plasma!

Several days ago I was guided to post some photographs I took on my way into the Redwoods of California in 2015. It was a place called, "Bear Creek Park", CA. This post is all about synchronicity and divine timing. The photographs are of the same tree with different perspectives. I am also posting a link by Magenta Pixie about portals and solar plasma along with this blog post. The reason being—as I was connecting with the photographs on my computer and getting them ready I was also listening to Magenta's post online and she clearly was speaking about the energies that I work with and the photographs give you a visual of her channeled wisdom. The synchronicity was divinely arranged so I coul

Singing Gnome Willow Tree - Take 2

I was told telepathically to re-visit the Singing Gnome Willow Tree in Salem, OR. To my surprise it was not the gnome that greeted me on the second visit! (Here is a link to my first facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212867250988356&set=pcb.10212867259148560&type=3&theater) See photo below: To my surprise, a tree spirit showed up in the willow tree bark. The nature beings were happy because I listened and was led back to play with them! Above Photo: Can you see the tree spirit? He has revealed himself in the tree trunk! There is also another elemental in the tree surround by tiny faeries! Before I visited the tree, I tuned into the tree and asked the spirits if they wa

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