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Perceive the world through a higher frequency!

Through photography I would like to show an example of how your perception can shift how you see the world! More importantly how it can mirror itself back to you.

The photographs A &B above were taken in the same location but not on the same day. I shot each photograph on a different day approximately 3 weeks of each other. The location is Depoe Bay, OR.

The first Photo-A was the first time I had visited this forest. I entered with a joyful heart, reverence for all that lived there and had no judgements or preconceived expectations. When I came to this tree I was overjoyed! I could see a lot of energy in the curve of this particular branch. The energy in the forest was high that day which added to the atmosphere.

Photo-A reveals the many layers of potential in our environments. It is multi-dimensional. You can see the faces and possible parts of the tree morphing into other nature beings.

Now, let’s look at Photo-B. As I entered the forest to take this photograph I also entered with reverence and joy to be there again. My intent was to find this location again and get a better photo with a more high-powered lens. I thought the new lens would sharpen the image and reveal the nature beings even more. Because I perceived it more from my mind/linear thinking it did not take place. My intent was to create a more finite image. I wanted to control the outcome. Hmm, does this sound familiar? With that intent it became a mental—more fixed and one-pointed focus. You can definitely see more detail, but what I call the ‘magic’— is not there.

So, the point is to 'BE' in the world with no pre-judgement of yourself or anything else, to not control the situation or have any expectations of the outcome. You will be more present and when you allow things to come to you—the magic can manifest! It is seeing through your heart and allowing it to show you things you have never experienced. When you perceive the world through a higher frequency and allow it to come to you—without limitation it reflects back more than you can ever imagine! A world that is full of discovery, magic and divine love!

It is a different experience when you look at a tree and slightly strain your eyes to make out if you see a face or something familiar in or around the tree—As opposed to in ‘sacredness’ walking up to the tree, closing your eyes and connecting with it through your heart—Believing it is a part of you.

It may show you in your 3rd eye or mind’s eye visions of color, images of nature beings or sound. Whatever it is— be open! All of a sudden—the faces in the trees will peek at you unexpectedly. You giggle because you KNOW the faeries are connecting and communicating!

Being in nature is a chance to find another expression of yourself….

One you have not given yourself permission to experience before, even though you may have been looking for it all of your life! The elemental expression of your soul—playfulness side, peace, joy and love!

Happy Trails,

Laura and the Gnomes


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