Rainbow Portal at Henline Falls-Lyons, OR

It is always a mystery as to where the nature beings and beyond guide me to show up. Through synchronicity and intuition I was led to Henline Falls. I had not heard of it but to my surprise it was less than a mile from one of my favorite places in Oregon - Opal Creek 3 Pools. After getting an email to attend a free lecture at R.E.I in Keizer, OR on Opal Creek, I decided to attend. I found out at the lecture about Henline falls. I asked a few friends to come and my friend Elisia Drake and I planned a journey on a sunny day. Usually my photographer self is a bit reluctant to shoot photographs of waterfalls on a sunny day, so I research it online and if I went early the light was okay until ar

Real Photos of Faeries and Pan revealed in Forest!

Before my journey into the enchanted forest that morning I was told by the gnomes and elves they would love to have some coins. I usually gift them something when I do my nature walks. I like to toss them in the hollows of the trees. I chose a few coins and a special piece of Pyrite. Before I begin, I open my heart and send rainbows to all the trees in the forest. This connects you to the grid of all the trees and the nature beings. As the faces start showing up in the tree trunks you know you are connected in their realm. It could be only temporarily but their consciousness is very present in the moment. I could feel a lot of energy in this tree and stopped to take a few photographs. I gift

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