Water is Conscious - Masters and Faeries Revealed in Water!

Photograph taken at 'Royal Terrace Waterfall', McDowell Park, OR, USA Master Beings and Faeries reveal themselves in Waterfall! These photographs reveal the sacredness and potential consciousness in water. They are a gift from Source and all the many realms that chose to reveal themselves. As I approached this waterfall I could hear telepathically—to get close. This is a long 2-tiered waterfall and the guides wanted me to capture the water essence close-up. It is a color photo even though it looks very monotone. The mist gives it an ethereal look. I could feel a lot of energy and trusted they would reveal later what was to be known. I call this conscious photography. I archived the photograp

Goblin Up In Tree!

(Photo taken at Silver Falls Convention Center, Silver Falls, OR.) Can you 'See' the Goblin in the tree? Years ago I passed this tree on a nature walk and was blown away by a surge of love energy. I had asked the faeries to bring me a goblin. Within a week I saw him taking shape in this tree. They are here to balance nature. Not to create fear. Sometimes they morph to protect an area in nature that is not to be disturbed or entered. He is delighted to reveal himself and sends a warm HELLO! Nature is full of many wonderful nature beings. When you are open it opens a door, may you have wonder-full journeys! Happy Trails, Laura and the Goblins! :-) www.beingenchanted.com

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