Guardian of Tree Reveals Himself!

Photo Above: Taken by Laura Walthers in the Avenue of the Giants in Northern, California. The sacredness in nature is to be honored and celebrated. Can you see the guardian of the tree and the little faery? It is special they have revealed themselves! 😍💕💞 The tree beings, elementals and faeries live in nature to create an environment on our precious planet that thrives for our survival and sacred experience. My wish is when you view these photographs that you open your heart to their energies and be grateful for their partnership and service! In gratitude, Laura :-)

Tree Selfie's

Tree selfie's are highly recommended! Purchase a cable release remote for your camera. I positioned my digital camera on a tripod and stood under the tree with my remote cable release. You can see its antenna in my right hand. Then click the button on remote! Voila!😍Happy Trails my friends! Photo taken in the Avenue of the Giants - Northern California by Laura Walthers

Enchanted Ancient Carob Tree!

In 2006 I was visiting a friend in Southern California and she informed me of an amazing tree that was in her neighborhood. I took a stroll and found this enormous ancient Carob Tree. As I walked up to it, I could feel so much energy. The elementals in the tree were excited to be appreciated and revealed themselves in my photographs. The tree spirits in the tree told me telepathically that the carob tree is 130 years old. I could tell by its form of gnarly twists and many faces that it held a lot of wisdom and enchantment. It grew so big the resident had to route its water drain pipe through the base of the tree. Above photo: Carob Tree in Southern California. Photo taken by Laura Walthers.

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