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Faerie Encounter in McDowell Creek Park, OR

In my recent blog post titled, Perceive the World Through a Higher Frequency, I discussed when you allow the nature beings in nature to show you who they are it opens a doorway for them to be revealed or communicate with you. Sometimes we get a fixed attitude and may plea for their attention. Like any other relationship it is built on trust and love.

Imagine yourself as a child that is ready at any moment for the wonderment of new possibilities. Let go of the programmed expectations of what you are comfortable with and be open to who or what you might experience.

You may see a glimpse of a face in a tree—then it is gone. You could doubt you saw it but it was the nature beings frequency giving you a glimpse of their presence. They are feeling your vibratory resonance and entraining with your energy. I find singing, dancing or humming can invite them to you. Being in joy is a key!

Before I took the first photo below Elisia, Shay and I had; toned the OHM sound, sang a forest song and danced under the trees. Through joy it opened up the faerie connection.

In the first photo above, my friends Elisa (on your left) and Shay (on your right) are standing under a clustered tree branch. Minutes before I had taken this photo Elisia intuitively felt the urge to stand under it. All of a sudden she gave out a burst of joy and giggled very loud. I could feel she had been tickled by the faeries! The smile on her face lasted over an hour and she was very giddish the whole rest of the nature walk.


The second photo above reveals a faerie portal. Can you see the green arrow in the left-photo?

(It is about 1/3 down from the top of photo) It reveals the blurred area where the nature beings were located in the tree. You are actually seeing multi-dimensions in the photograph. The rest of the photo is in focus and there was no wind in that moment. If you gaze at the closeup-lower-right photo and allow them to show themselves, you can see some faeries in the blurred moss. Because they are emitting a high frequency of love the photograph appears blurred. So MAGICAL!

When you are out in the forest you may encounter blurred photographs on your nature walks. This may not be a camera malfunction. It is often the faeries showing you they are around. As shown in the above photos—it can happen! :-)

When you are out in the forest, be aware! The nature beings may be looking at you from behind! Hee! Hee!

Happy Trails!

Laura Walthers


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