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Good Deeds Bring In The MAGIC!

Through my relationship with the elementals and nature realm I have learned a very important lesson. To create flow and connection with the other realms, your actions of kindness, openness and good deeds speak directly to them—through choice! It open doors for them to gift back to you their love and magic!—It is a give and receive exchange. One day I was weeding my garden and looked down on the ground next to my gnome statue. I saw a glimmer in the dirt and felt a wave of love go through my heart! The gnomes in my yard were sending a loving-message-telepathically. I picked it up to discover—it was a tiny green hummingbird feather! I was so grateful for the gift.

A couple days before, I had asked my husband to put up a bird feeder pole that had two hooks on each side. On one side we hung a bird feeder and the other side a hummingbird feeder. The gnomes were letting me know they and the birds were gifting me a feather for supporting them. Magical! (My husband also found a hummingbird feather mowing the lawn.) When you take time out in nature to revel in its beauty, you are giving an act of kindness to yourself. Being kind to animals, plants and the surrounding landscape brings beauty, more love and balance into your world. Teach your children kindness. They follow your habits. That will bring them so much joy and love in their lives. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Here are a few suggestions of good deeds you may choose or create one of your own: 1. Pick up trash to keep the environment clean. 2. Plant trees, flowers or a garden. 3. Buy a bird bath for the birds and wild animals to drink from together. 4. Be organic, don’t use harsh chemicals on your environment. 5. Listen with your ears and senses. Talk to nature with your heart—sing! A great practice for a better life: As you awaken to a new day—claim it to be a glorious, beautiful, magical and loving day. When you retire at the end of the day, be thankful for all the gifts and lessons of the day. After all, we asked to be a part of this soul journey. In gratitude may we become more LOVE!

Happy Trails,


P.S. Be sure to listen to my radio interview with Rev. Janice Hope on her Pure Hope Show show titled, "Faeries, Gnomes and Elves on the Pure Hope Radio Show - March 29th at 5:00pm PST or 7:00 CST. Here is thelink:

It is also posted on my website under Events/Faeries Blog! May you become enchanted!

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