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Faerie Guide Shows Up as a Butterfly!

It is always so wonderful to experience signs and communication from the nature realm. As I entered Joryville Park I sent out rainbows of love—from my heart. It sets a tone of sacredness and respect for the homes of all the nature beings and animals that live there.

I was with a couple friends and we were open to whatever they wanted to bring us. I took my friend Karen to this faerie portal and the rainbow rays engulfed the whole image from my phone. I could feel the nature beings all around. There was a sense of joy and playfulness in the air. (They love when we are open and willing to play.)

We trekked on to the Gnome Tree. It is an amazing tree and often the photographs taken there show its energy field. It is usually an electric blue color. We had a great walk. Karen found several owl feathers and got to witness up on the hill a nature being waving in the bushes next to the huge Oak Tree. As we came to a specific trail that led us back down the hill—we all paused.

I told Karen that this is the exact spot where I and Elisia first witnessed the nature beings waving to us. I pointed directly to the area up in the trees. Then—all of a sudden a butterfly fluttered over to me and landed gently on my heart. Then it gracefully lifted up its wings and flew to my side and landed on my shoulder. I could feel the sweet love it was emanating. It was no accident that the magical encounter was in this spot. It was where I had my first encounter with the waving leaf from the nature beings. (Here is the link on my website to view the waving leaf:

The butterfly stayed on my shoulder for several minutes. I knew it was my faerie guide and she was connecting with me to show her love for all of us. Our adoration of nature and all of creation was being recognized. The synchronicity of that moment was chosen way before we arrived in the park that day. I feel our guides are always aware and love to give us cosmic winks or signs as we align to the divine timing!!!!

May you be blessed with kisses from the Realm,

Happy Trails,

Laura and the Gnomes

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