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Enchanted Walk - Rock Beings Revealed!

It was a very enchanting day. I took my friend Shay to visit a beautiful magical place in Oregon, Opal Creek-3-Pools. When you choose to live consciously—nature mirrors the many levels of consciousness back to you. So you may ask, "What does that mean—to live 'consciously'?

It stems from believing—all things in creation are connected. From that point of unity consciousness it grows into allowing that higher part of you to come forward. This opens you up to the many dimensions around you in your reality. So when you are in nature the many levels of beings can connect with you and play and celebrate life with you!

I invite you to walk with Shay and I and SEE the many ways this can happen!

Happy Trails!

Above Photo: Shay is playing her Tibetan bowl at Opal Creek. Notice the white arrow in the back green brush of the photo. This is the Forest Deva welcoming us to the area. She reveals an imprint of her green face and crown on her head.

Shay could feel the Forest Deva before she saw her. The forest deva sent her a huge wave of love! The forest deva wanted me to take her photo. Each section of any landscape has an overlighting deva. (There are faces in the rocks next to Shay's head.)

As we trekked to the upper level of the park we could feel a strong connection in the forest. The faces in the trees were appearing and welcoming us. When this happens you are seeing physically and spiritually. Your 3rd eye is activated!

Shay is clairvoyant and was given a glimpse of another timeline that had existed there many years ago. She could see a Chinese temple with red and gold carvings on it. Then she heard a voice come from a large rock. A man appeared with partial bald head and a beard and mustache out of moss. He asked her is she would play the Tibetan bowl for him. As she played I heard the words, "Ring of Truth" echoing from the sounds. He was part of the royalty that had once lived there.

Above Photo: See white arrow-Asian King appeared through rock.

Then she heard a voice coming from another rock that said, "Quickly take the photo, the sun has revealed me—but the light will not last for long."

Above Photo: Woman temporarily revealing herself in shadow on the sunlit rock.

As I approached this section of the forest with Shay I came upon a wizard! He was the guardian of the area and allowed the doorway/portal to open so we could connect with the Asian temple. His wizardry was alluring and profound.

Above Photo: Wizard appeared in tree trunk. A guardian in the forest!

I was guided to take Shay to see the cave and rock beings that live there. We are viewing them high above the canyon pools below—on the other side.

Above Photo: The white arrow is pointing to the portal in the mountain. The large rock being in the canyon is pleased to connect with us.

As we approached the canyon and focused our attention on the cave—the energy blew me away. Shay could feel it too. I have connected with them before but today it was very strong. I decided to send love and we both toned together. Then I could SEE a huge face in the doorway! Wow!

Above Photo: Rock being revealed in cave doorway!

The rock being was connecting and sending strong energy. You can see his eye looking at you. It was smiling and pleased we were able to receive. I also noticed a dark figure that outlined the entrance of the door. It appeared to be dancing. I asked if it had a message and Shay heard, "When Humanity grows--the Universe dances. "

Here is a closeup of the Rock Being:

It never ceases to amaze me how wonder-full our world is. Drink it in consciously! The nature beings and many others are always watching and helping us.

The morning before my nature walk I had asked for some help. And as we were walking I came upon the gloves again! They are a sign from the elementals—helping hands!

Photo Above: Gloves revealed on picnic bench from the elementals—helping hands!

They love to wink and play with us. This is a small rock being that wanted to be revealed!

Photo Above: Rock being in water.

I love how the conscious rock beings play with us. It amazed me how the light on the water caressed his face to draw his mouth! Never a dull moment! :-)

I hope you enjoyed the journey in the beautiful forest!

From Laura, the gnomes and all the magical beings around us!

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