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Healing Sycamore Tree

Last February my friend Shay and I were intuitively called to visit the sycamore trees in downtown Salem. We came upon this amazing 'King Sycamore'! His tree spirit is huge. You can see his eyes right across from the white arrow. This tree has a wonderful presence. We gave a few hugs and continued down the street to another tree.

The sycamore tree below was so full of energy and you can see the faces in the burls drooping from the tree trunk!

I knew there was a purpose for being there. As I bid goodbye to this great tree I was called to another. On the ground next to it I see a black glove. In the past when I would discover gloves on the ground it was a sign from the elementals; 'helping hands' were available. I was a bit concerned that it was black and wondered if that had any significance.

The sycamore tree next to the glove had opened up its energy field and I could sense it wanted me to lean against its trunk. At the time I had some pain in my back and was dealing with clearing some old energy.

I could feel the tree sending me energy and was very grateful. Some trees are wonderful healers. I felt better and thanked the tree. Shay could see something moving up near the branch of the tree so I took a photograph. Later I discovered a green being in the tree. The nature being wanted me to know it was assisting me. (See green color next to white arrow)

When I returned home, I decided to work more with clearing the energy that still needed to be released in my body. I then received a telepathic message from the tree, in that moment it was assisting me with the density of old beliefs that no longer served me. I knew the glove was black to represent the dense energy that was being cleared and they were giving me a helping hand. I could feel the tree joining with me energetically. How amazing, we were working at a higher vibration out of time and space together. Tears came down my cheeks and within 30 min. I felt a huge release and completion.

It never ceases to amaze me the love and partnerships we can have with nature. All it takes is believing and being open with your heart.

In gratitude for the healing sycamore tree,

Happy Trails - from star to star!


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