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Tree Dryad appears in tree stump with Faerie!

Love the way the faeries take on their form in nature! The tree dryad/spirit in the tree trunk has green eyes made from moss and the Faerie Queen is hiding under its eye! (See orange arrow) Enchanting! As I walked by this tree stump I could feel a sense of energy pulling me. I had to hike a ways back in to get the shot. Enjoy!

(check out the 'X' mark in the bushes next to the tree trunk on the left, that is a faerie sign to show they are there!) Being open to the consciousness in nature is a flexible way to allow the nature beings to show up or communicate with you in some way. Life a child be open any moment to a new possibility!

Happy Trails,

Laura :-)

Photo by Laura Walthers at McDowell Creek Park, Lebanon, OR 2018

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