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Flower Deva reveals herself!

Flower deva of a pink geranium plant reveals herself and has a message! "I hold the pure, sacred, divine love blueprint of this pink geranium flower. Enjoy my essence."❤️ Follow white arrow at bottom of photograph. She has her eyes closed. Such a sweet love pink energy!

Photo taken by Laura Walthers

Flower devas hold the higher vibrations of plants and flowers! They are compared to a higher self of humans. I bought this flowering plant a year ago and it continually bloomed at least 7 to 10 cluster flowers inside for a year! I was astounded by its beauty and would talk to it and send love-light to it often. I feel that is why it has bloomed so many flowers and for so long. When you love nature, it loves you in return!

Love and sacredness,

Laura and the flower devas!

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