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Respect Forest Dwellers! They often leave signs they are there!

As you begin a forest adventure, it is wise to open your heart and receive all the harmonic energies that exist there. You are walking in Gaia/Mother Earth energies too, so consciously call the sweetness into your auric field and body! It will balance and ground you.

If you decide to take photographs, be aware of what may be around the trees. I often come upon trees that have a singular stick leaning up against it. It is usually a thick and fairly long stick or twig. This is a sign a gnome or small nature being could be visiting there and they leave them behind for a market to return to that specific tree. It is often a lighter or white colored stick.

It is important to not remove them. Be kind in nature and allow the nature beings in the forest to perform their many tasks of keeping things clear, clean and balanced!

Above Photo: Taken by Laura Walthers in McDowell Creek Park, Oregon.

In the photo above you will see how the nature sprite appeared in the doorway of the tree. It is very small. It is in light form. It appears as a luminescent blue strip. Across from it is a very tiny nature sprite that is hovering on the tree trunk. Wonderful discoveries can be made when you enlarge your photographs and inspect them closer. As you can see, a light colored stick is resting upon the left side of the tree trunk. This is a marker for the nature beings to return.

Above Photo: Taken by Laura Walthers in Silver Falls Park, Oregon.

This above photo is a Gnome Tree. As you can see a stick was also placed up against the tree. (See arrow). There are other fallen tree branches surrounding it but I was told by the gnomes not to move it! Being aware in nature can teach you how they live and commune with each other. When you respect them, they know it and will be more open to communicating with you. Have fun in nature and remember it is not your home!

Happy Trails,

From Laura and the Forest Dwellers!

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